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Important Information
Why am I not allowed to eat or drink before my operation?
Remmeber not to eat before you have an operation, here is a guideline:
  • Babies younger than 6 months old: breast milk up to 4 hours before operation
    Clear fluid up to 2 hours before operation
  • Children older than 6 months old:  milk and food up to 6 hours before operation
    Clear fluid up to 3 hours before operation
  • Adults: food and drink up to 6 hours before operation
    clear fluid up to 3 hours before.
What about my account?


From 2004 there is no recommended or fixed tariff for medical services. To comply with the law of the country, there is no medical aid rate or "contracted in" fee, neither is there a " contracted out" or SA Medical Association rate.

This means that doctors would be allowed to charge whatever professional fee they can justify. Every medical scheme, on the other hand, will determine the level of benefits they are prepared to pay.

There is a so called " National Reference Price list" compiled by associates of the Department of Health. This is a reference list only and no doctor or medical aid is under obligation to comply with this. We have been advised by the SA Medical Association that accounts rendered according to this list, do not compensate doctors adequately.

This means that patients are responsible for paying their own accounts or at least expect an extra payment over and above the amount that the medical aid may agree to pay.

Rates and perceptions are changing rapidly and this is and attempt to keep you informed.

What has not changed is our commitment to render a quality health care service.

Please discuss your concerns with us.