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What are the most common side-effects of anaesthesia?
Sore throat: This is due to the breathing tube in your throat during anaesthesia. At least 95% of all patients have some or other tube in the throat during anaesthesia. This causes friction during breathing, hence the sore throat. Please note - nothing went wrong with the anaesthesia.

Pain: This is due to the surgical procedure. Most anaesthesiologists administer pain medication during the procedure. He will also prescribe medication post-operative. Please ask - it is unnecessary to suffer pain.

Nausea and vomiting: There are various reasons for this e.g. the type of operation, your pre-operative condition, the use of pain killers as well as the use of anaesthetics. Some anaesthesiologists will administer "anti-nausea" medication during the procedure, but medication will also be prescribed post-operatively.

Drowsiness after the procedure: Some patients are very sensitive to anaesthetics. Everybody reacts differently - some people need more than others. Longer procedures also influence the post-operative recovery.

Less serious side-effects may include:
  • Dry mouth or temporary breathing problems.
  • Itchiness, bruising or pain at the spot of injection.
  • Rash due to plasters or medication.
  • Sore neck, sore or dry eyes.
  • Pain in arms or legs due to the positioning during the operation.
  • You may also feel cold and shaky.
These side-effects usually do not last long and do not need any treatment.