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My child and anaesthetics: How can I help?
The anaesthesiologist and surgeon will do their utmost to keep your child happy during his stay at hospital. You as the parent can also help.

It is important to prepare the child as soon as it has been decided that an operation is necessary. Children deal with surgery and anaesthetics better if they are well prepared. The keyword is honesty. Explain to him that he will be in a strange evironment, but that there will be friendly people to look after him.

Children should know that they are going to get an operation and that they might feel a bit uncomfortable afterwards. Prepare them for the fact that you will not be with them constantly, but that you will be close by.

Talk to them light heartedly about the hospital, the long passages, the hospital beds and the possibility of other children in the ward.

A calm parent leads to a calm child.

How long must my child fast before the operation?
As a general rule children should not eat any solid food or milk 6 hours prior to the operation. Clear liquids may be given up to 3 hours before the procedure.