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Doctors at NAP
Drs Leerkamp and partners is a specialist anaesthetic practice with 8 partners.

The practice was started in 1995 by Dr C. J. Leerkamp and provides an anaesthetic service to patients and their Surgeons in the Cape peninsula.

Routine surgical procedures as well as emergency work is done as part of the team that look after patients in the operating theatre and intensive care unit.

  1. Dr. C. J. Leerkamp
    MBChB ; M.Med ( Anaes)
  2. Dr P. Coetzee
    MBChB ; M.Med (Anaes)
  3. Dr C.J. Coetzee
    MBChB ; Hons.BSc (Med Physiol) ; M.Med (Anaes) FCA (SA)
  4. Dr G. Brynard
    MBChB ; FCA (SA)
  5. Dr H. Van Loggerenberg
    MBChB ; DA(SA) ; Dip Mid (COG) ; M.Med (Anaes)
  6. Dr. C. Van Teijlingen
    MBChB ; FCA (SA) ; Cape Wine Master
  7. Dr E. Louw
    MBChB ; Dip Obst (SA) ; DCH. (SA) ; FCA (SA)
  8. Dr A. Acker
    MBChB ; M.Med (Anaes) ; FCA (SA)